If a person has a cold, flu or fever what typically is done is that this person sees a doctor. The doctor then makes a check-up on the person and asks the person to describe the symptoms to him or her. Upon doing the check-up the doctor then makes a diagnosis and prescription for the person to take. The prescription drugs usually relieve the person of the symptoms or make it more manageable for the person so that he or she will not be that bothered by it in his or her daily life. This type of treating people is what is called conventional medicine. 

Conventional medicine has been practiced for a long time in modern societies. In this type of medicine the symptoms are addressed, but seldom is the root cause of the disease tackled. Now there is an increasingly popular way of treating people and this is functional medicine. This type of medicine has a different approach as compared to conventional or traditional medicine. You could say that the approach here is holistic because it doesn't just address the symptoms but looks into the root causes of the diseases and addresses that. Doctors who practice this believe that without addressing the root cause of the disease this will not be healed even if the person takes on expensive drugs to deal with the symptoms. The drugs prescribed by the doctor do not address at the root cause of the disease that is why there are many who are on what is called maintenance drugs. They continue to have the disease but they just take drugs to manage it. 

In functional medicine the root cause is addressed so that the disease can be healed. It also advocates for the person to be in charge of their health so that they can have optimal health in their old age. After all what is the use of having a long life if you are not well and fit to be able to enjoy it? That is the purpose of functional medicine, to be able to help you to live a quality life until your old age by being healthy. 

More doctors are now becoming interested in this type of medicine. If you are in Chicago there is a functional medicine doctor Chicago has for you. All you need to do is to look for one in the internet.
What is Functional Medicine?